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LIM Media Group -A curious trailblazer who finds herself unwittingly challenging the status quo ever-so-often, questioning how things can be done better and bigger.

Passionate about her endeavors, she lovingly gets involved with every project and aspect which includes operations, user interface, business development, New and Social Media Marketing, marketing and promotions as well as all writing and editorial pieces. Captures anything that fascinates while on the go in less than 150 words. Musings revolve around her experimental living through travel, business, style, culture and the arts.

Here, Lim Media Group archives snippets of her life events, entrepreneurship and business, fashion and beauty, travel and also shares anything that inspires and motivates. Of course, being inspired is one thing, doing is way more difficult. She understands that and strives to break things down into easy actionable steps for people to get started.

Lim Media Group’s audience includes anyone, particularly individuals and companies who are seeking fuss-free quick-fixes but quality solutions for a better quality of life in all areas. It brings a diverse and dynamic body of knowledge and vision to each opportunity. Our unparalleled enthusiasm and commitment to each endeavor generates impressive results and tangible success.

Lim Media Group is online at:
For any interesting collaborations, please contact Lim Media Group Inc at 905 275 7806 and/or via email at lim.mediagroup@live.ca.

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